Who We Serve

At BASR we seek to serve all the Palestinian people  regardless of religion, gender, disability and social background.  We believe that part of BASR’s mission is to work to bring the whole community together.


We recognize that we live in a troubled part of the world, one rarely free from political, social or economic tension.  Daily life in Palestine is often a challenge, even without additional burdens such as having a disability, ill-health or social isolation.  The work of BASR, therefore, is of real significance in providing hope, healing and transformation in a challenging place – for individuals and our society.


We have amazing success stories to share of how BASR has helped transform an individual’s life, and are thankful for testimonials of people who have written to thank us for our work.


BASR is a non-profit NGO and though we do need to make a charge for many of the services we provide, we aim to ensure that nobody is excluded from the services we provide through an inability to pay.  We are able to access support for individuals from public bodies and also offer our own grants according to an individual’s pastoral circumstances. For information on how you can support this, please click here.

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