Vocational Training

BASR’s vision is to recognize and support the contribution people with disabilities can make to the community. Two of our community centers offer vocational training opportunities to young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, ages 15 and above. These centers accommodate vocational training activities such as loom weaving, olive woodcarving, handicrafts, paper recycling, fuel production for heating purposes, domestic care and agricultural care activities. The vocational training program at BASR helps people with disabilities and their families to produce high-quality work, which can be sold and used to benefit both the families and the work of BASR. 


A significant part of the program is the embroidery work done by women with disabilities.  Embroidery is an important part of Palestine’s history and culture. Embroidery work in Bethlehem and its surroundings is an art handed down from mother to daughter. At BASR’s embroidery section, women with disabilities produce beautiful hand crafted pieces of embroidery with different designs that are marketed to tourists and visitors of BASR. This not only provides them and their families with an income and employment opportunities but also with dignity and hope. These women with disabilities also offer their peers without disability employment opportunities in their embroidery section.

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