Social Services

Our team of social workers acts as a key supporter for the individuals and families who benefit from BASR’s services. 

We seek to support families whose financial constraints would limit their capacity to access BASR’s services, and we get in contact with other grant-making bodies to raise funds for necessary treatments or aids.


We work closely with the Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy team to conduct home visits before discharge for BASR in-house beneficiaries, , so that every individual’s social as well as physical needs are taken into account. 


We also respond to referrals by the Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) team; we visit people at their homes and help them access local social services provided.


We have strong relationships across all the rehabilitation departments; for example, we play a role in the cochlear implant program ensuring that families have the support they need to ensure a successful  post-operative rehabilitation journey.

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