Many people using BASR’s rehabilitation services benefit from psychological support to help them accept and cope with their disability or life experience.  We offer a screening service for all of BASR’s beneficiaries and are able to follow this up with individually tailored support.  At times, this is in the form of strategies/coping mechanisms, which the clients can use on their own; at other times, a more significant intervention is required, such as regular counselling or psychoanalysis.                             

We use an internationally recognized program for neuropsychological assessments, which helps us provide particular support to those clients who have head injuries of any kind.  

We also offer an outpatient service and see children and adults from all over Palestine. 

BASR prides itself for having one of the very few specialists in the field of pediatric psychiatry and neuropsychology in the West Bank and Gaza. 

In this troubled part of the world, it is not unusual for people to have psychological needs; we aim to provide people with the tools and support to work through their challenges as much as possible.


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