Established in 1972 as the cornerstone of the rehabilitation process, the Physiotherapy department is one of BASR’s oldest departments.

Our Physiotherapy department works with individuals with a wide range of different needs to help them regain as much physical function as possible.  We work with children and adults; both on inpatient and outpatient basis.

The services rendered by the Physiotherapy department are based on high standards of care and quality.


We have a sizeable facility within BASR and are able to use a range of techniques and strategies to help individuals regain movement after an accident, surgery or even a significant event, such as a stroke.  We also use hydrotherapy as an integrated aid for recovery.


Outpatient Service:

Our outpatient ward provides services for patients on a daily basis, for patients with back pain, broken bone, shoulder pain, neck pain, knee replacement, facial palsy etc.


Inpatient service:

Our Inpatient Rehabilitation provides services for patients presenting with a variety of general medical problems that may cause decreased mobility and independence. The aim of treatment is to return the patient to an optimal physical function through individual exercise programs  and appropriate mobility programs. This involves the prescription of mobility aids when deemed necessary by the physiotherapist.


Pediatric physiotherapy:

The pediatric physiotherapy department assists in early detection of physical conditions and uses a wide variety of modalities to treat disorders in the pediatric population. Children with developmental delays, cerebral palsy, spinal bifida, torticollis and neurological disorders receive treatment by physiotherapists. This department provides treatment through hydrotherapy, group exercises, play therapy and mostly teaches mothers how to care for their children in the best way.

Physiotherapy department Introduction

World Physiotherapy Day 2021

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