Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy department was established in 1993

Within this department, we support individuals in adapting to their disability, through training in the essential skills of independent living as well as the provision of needed assistive devices and environmental adaptation.

The department receives both children and adults with stroke, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries or any other injury resulting in a motor or cognitive impairment.

These beneficiaries are assessed using relevant assessment batteries, upon which the intervention plan is set in consultation with the client according to his / her priorities and interests.

The department also receives clients who need hand therapy post injury and reconstructive surgery.

Throughout the rehabilitation process, the occupational therapists also train family members or caregivers in the appropriate handling of the client with disability to ensure follow up with the intervention plan at home.

Besides, the occupational therapists render home or center visits to the clients prior to discharge to evaluate environmental accessibility and recommend the needed modifications to facilitate the reintegration of the client in his / her home environment, school or local community as independently as possible.

The occupational therapists take part in the weekly multi-disciplinary team meetings to evaluate and discuss beneficiaries’ cases, set goals and report progress.

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