The Audiology department started offering its services in the early 1990’s; it includes a variety of hearing tests, screenings, as well as provision of up-to-date hearing aids comprising: fitting, programming and maintenance. The department follows up with cases depending on the age and need of every beneficiary.. The department also renders outreach services in different parts of Palestine.

In 2008, the department started providing post cochlear rehabilitation / auditory training to persons with hearing loss who undergo cochlear implant surgery, and many specialists and ENT doctors went abroad to different countries like Italy and Belgium in order to gain the necessary skills and expertise related to cochlear implants.

In 2014 and for the first time in Palestine our audiology department began rendering “Videonystagmography and Electronystag-mography testing” for determining the causes of dizziness and balance disorders, using an advanced “Vertigo Test Machine” that includes  a complete diagnostic system for re-cording, analyzing and reporting of eye move-ments, using video imaging technology to track different kind of symptoms among adults and children patients including dizziness or vertigo, lightheadedness, imbalance and nausea.

For a video of BASR’s cochlear implant program, please watch the video below:

اليوم العالمي لأخصائي السمع – بيت جالا 2021
October Is National Audiology Awareness Month – Beit Jala 2021

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