Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Program

UN agencies including the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Labor Organization (ILO), and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) define Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) approach as a community development strategy towards rehabilitation, equal opportunities, and the inclusion of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in medium and low-income countries, which are made possible through the joint efforts of PWDs themselves, their families, their local communities, in addition to service providers of health, educational, vocational, and social services.

The CBR approach has been adopted in Palestine since the 1990s through the CBR Program at Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation. Since its beginnings, the program has targeted PWDs from all types of disabilities, age groups, and gender, as well as their families, Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs), governmental and civil society organizations in the West Bank areas.

The CBR Program at BASR functions through eight specialized units that work comprehensively at the individual and community levels. Please visit the CBR Program website to find more about its work. To contact the CBR team, please send an email to, or call the number 0097022767796.

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