BASR has over 351 staff members across its rehabilitation services, medical/surgical services and community programs.  We are proud to be an equal-opportunity employer and do not discriminate on the basis of religion, gender or disability. Currently 10% of our workforce have a disability and we take great efforts to make adjustments so that people with disabilities can undertake roles at BASR.


We take the welfare and training of our staff seriously.  Bursaries are available for employees to pursue further training, including BA and MA degrees.  We also support staff undertaking further professional training in Palestine or overseas.


BASR is a special place to work, combining the best in rehabilitation services, specialized healthcare and community programs. The staff at BASR is proud of the services provided and work proactively across departments to ensure that joined-up care is delivered not only through the BASR center but also out in the community


If you would be interested in exploring working at BASR, please look here for a list of current job vacancies.

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