Volunteering With Us

BASR has a proud tradition of welcoming volunteers to come and be a part of the special work we do.  Over the years, volunteers have come from all occupations, all levels of employment and from all parts of the world.  Some have brought their professional healthcare skills; others have come simply with a willingness to help and do everything they can.  We can make use of anyone at BASR!


We appreciate what volunteers bring to BASR in terms of their skills and fresh insights. We also appreciate their simple willingness to come and be with us, especially in this difficult part of the world.


In return, BASR gives volunteers a unique place to use their skills and/or develop new ones and the chance to make good friends with an opportunity to experience Palestinian life from the inside.


We are generally able to offer volunteers accommodation within the hospital complex; for more information contact us on basr@basr.org

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