Suliekha Kantakth’s Story

Suliekha Kantakth, a 40 year old Indian women who came to the holy land for a holistic tour with her family on the 1st of November after visiting the holy Mecca and Madeena. Their journey would have only be complete after visiting the holy land of Palestine.

They were part of a big group that had arrived early morning at Bethlehem on 1 November. By midnight, she was rushed into the ER at the Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation complaining of epigastric pain. The ER team after conducting various tests discovered she had actually just had a life-threatening heart attack.

The medical team of the new cardiovascular department was called instantly, just after midnight. Within half an hour of her arrival, Suliekha was rushed in to the hospital’s new Cardiovascular Cath lap that had just opened no more than 2 months ago. The new department’s necessity has proven its worth in this critical case. Had Suliekha had her heart attack in Bethlehem 2 months ago, she would have lost her life before either making it to the nearest heart center, or at best; the 40 year old, mum of three, would have lost a significant fraction of her heart’s function.

Suliekha suffered from a myocardial infraction and had to be rushed in the Cath lab, the first priority was to get her in the Cath lab as fast as possible. The door-to- balloon time was estimated at a 1:15 minutes, a bit longer than the recommended time, but considered a great achievement still.  

After the intervention, the doctors were able to open up the blocked artery to take her out of immediate danger. She still had two other significant narrowing is in her heart arteries that she needs to attend to in the next few days. Suliekha stayed at BASR for 4 days after her surgery where the whole team monitored her around the clock and made sure she was recovering the best way possible. Given her age and her clear medical history, Suleikha and her family were not concerned in buying health insurance for their journey she therefore had to cover her hospital stay at her own cost. Although the hospital gave great consideration for her circumstances at the time of charging, the greatest support came to the family when a fellow patient donated $2000 into her bill out of generosity and kindness.

The healthy 40-year-old Indian tourist woman, who visited Palestine for the first time to see Jerusalem, ended up with heart attach being rushed to have an urgent procedure and spend four more nights at the hospital. Nevertheless, she was able to provide a great positive account of her story in the letter her husband wrote as they left the hospital. Here is what he had to say:


Dear staff and management,

Since my childhood, I started to hear about your beautiful country and now after many years at the age of 44 me and my wife accompanied by some friends I finally got the chance to come for a holistic tour after visiting the holy mecca and medina.

It was a wonderful experience in Bethlehem, unfortunate my wife Zulaika was hit by a cardiac pain all of a sudden and in consequence had to be rushed to visit and take treatment at the Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation. The night of Thursday 1th of November was a strange and scary situation, but the moment we got in the hospital’s emergency department, we saw a lot of caring, loving and considering faced.

The team helped us to understand better the situation and recommended to do procedure as fast as possible in the new Cardio vascular center at BASR. The doctors gave us confidence, they were all were angels. That is what we, I and my wife believe.

I have great regards and courtesy to the management for considering me to offer a discount on the hospital bills.

Even the faces I saw there were very accommodating.

I also thank the cardiac team at CCU for a wonderful care where they looked after my wife for the last 4 days; you all have become a part of our life.

 I request all your prayers or my wife to make it easy for reaching India.

Once again, from the bottom of our heart we thank you for the kindness showed I thank the almighty for everything, Alhamdulillah.

Thanks and regards

Ahmmed stuffer.

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